The professional teeth whitening for bright white teeth

An attractive smile, which brings out beautiful bright teeth, conveys sympathy, attractiveness and joie de vivre. Many people want this beauty ideal and are unhappy about their discolored teeth or a too dark tooth color. The older we get, the more we get these unsightly changes. The enjoyment of tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco colors the teeth additionally. Professional tooth cleaning can be used to remove superficial discolouration and deposits. This leads to a slight tooth whitening.

However, a tooth whitening by one or more color steps can not be achieved with it. For this purpose, we use bleaching, for which there are two different methods:

"Home Bleaching"
You will receive from us a specially made whitening splint, which you can carry with a gel to be applied at home until your desired tooth color is reached. Please use the bleaching gel at home only according to our instructions.

"In Office Bleaching"
Here the bleaching is carried out in our dental practice, whereby we can achieve a higher tooth whitening as a more concentrated bleaching agent and supplementary UV irradiation lead to much better results. With the In Office Bleaching one can achieve a tooth whitening by several color grades.

However, in both cases it is essential to carry out a professional cleaning of the teeth prior to dental bleaching since deposits and deposits such as tartar lead to unsatisfactory results.

If you regularly go to dental prophylaxis, look for good oral hygiene, always clean tooth gaps with dental floss or interdental brushes, you will have long-lasting pleasure in your white teeth and can shine with your radiant laughter.


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